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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Auction Horses a rescue?

No, Auction Horses is not a rescue. At the moment we are a group of individuals who communicate primarily through an online Facebook Group. We may at some point form a nonprofit corporation for some of our projects, but we will still not be a rescue.

How do I donate/adopt/foster?

Because we are not a rescue, none of the above methods of helping apply. See below for the kinds of help you can offer.

How do I buy one of the horses I see listed?

Each horse's profile has the information as to who to contact in regards to that particular horse. Different facilities have different rules, so you need to check for that particular location. Please call only during normal business hours.

I called already and haven't heard back. Now what?

Please wait. We do not have paid staff and so we take calls and answer questions as we can. If you left a message or text, we will get back to you. Please wait at least a couple hours before trying again as our voicemails fill up quickly.

How can I get more information about these horses?

All of the information we have is posted on our Facebook Group.

Does it cost anything to list a horse on Auction Horses?

No. Horses are listed on Auction Horses at absolutely no cost to any individual, company, organization or other entity.

Does anyone at Auction Horses make any money for listing the horses?

No. All our efforts to help these horses are strictly voluntary and we receive no money or compensation. We do not even have our expenses paid - we simply consider those our own donations to help the horses.

Can I ride these horses or see them ridden?

No. Any evaluation of the horses must be from the ground only. This is due to liability issues.

I can't buy one of these horses right now; how else can I help?

There is always a need for transportation and temporary housing of horses while their new owners are arranging to get them. There are many other ways you can help, such as taking photos and videos of the horses both during and after the auction, advertising the horses, researching their identities, etc. The best way to learn to do this without causing confusion is to join our Facebook Group and learn from our other members.

Does Auction Horses do anything besides help save horses from the "kill pen"?

Yes. Our members monitor Craigslist ads to network for horses that may be at risk of going to auction, attend the auction to help horses sell and to get photos and information that may be helpful for "kill pen" horses, support each other with information on horse care and training, and more. Join our Facebook Group to learn more about everything we do.

Do I need to quarantine my new horse?

When bringing home a new equine it is always wise to practice quarantine procedures. Horses coming from an auction or kill pen environment present a higher than average likelihood of having been exposed to disease or virus. It is highly recommended that all horses purchased be subject to a 30 day quarantine prior to being introduced to healthy equines.

I tried going to the Facebook Group link and it didn't work or I got lost. Please help.

Contact our technical support at 425-985-9204.