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Listed:ESP  10/05/2014  Uproar # 032
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Uproar is a 14 year old grulla stallion. This boy is actually quite the handsome bugger and has a nice build to him, however his feet are an absolute mess. He stands about 14.1hh, is in good weight and has some decent muscle on him. He was reported to be a range stud, but he was friendly and well behaved. He is halter broke and well mannered. It was confirmed that he has both testicles present and accounted for.


I wanted to post a little update regarding this grulla stallion, who is no longer a stallion. This stallion was adopted at the Enumclaw auction 10/ 2014. I happen to be looking on craigslist about 5 months ago and found him for sale. He was at a boarding facility (still a stallion) , and impregnating anything that had 4 legs. He was not trained and basically used to breed. Long story short and $1500 later after a pre-purchase exam and everything under the sun done to him, he is mine. He is happy, casterated, and worked his way from the bottom of the pecking order of 22 geldings to 3rd from the top, depending on the day it could be as high as #2. He has a full time job working 4-5 days a week at the ranch. I had to post an updated picture of him as I had no idea he ended up at the auction before I bought him from a private party. My other horse "Emmit" was adopted in September, 2010 from the Enumclaw auction and he is also with "Winston" The name "Uproar just did not serve him well. Emmit's name at the barn is "Lovebug" and he is the barn favorite. I am very thankful for these two beautiful boys. They have forever homes!!!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

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