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Owner:Arieanna Salcedo-Morel
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Sunny side kill pen


Faith came with her sister Goldie. I volunteer at Dreams Hope and Faith foundation, Bonnie the owner of the foundation was looking for horses to fit in with our loving ranch. She knew that I loved!!! Palominos and she came across them. Faith was only 3 and her sister was 8. Bonnie showed me them and I was heart set on Goldie as we were told she was broke. We went to get 4 horses witch two was them. Some told her that she would take the one Bonnie didn't want as she would pay half. Bonnie had in mind to give her Faith. We went to Sunny Side Washington. When we made it there we searched for the 4 horses. We found the two pallys as I fell more madly in love. Bonnie wasn't sure that Faith would make it home because she had bad rino disease. We made it home safely at 2:00 in the morning. Next morning we decided to graze them as they were starving. We took Goldie around the corner and Faith started to freak out, we got them back together and put them away. After a couple of weeks they shook off te rino disease and Bonnie said it was time to spilt them apart. The lady came and rode both of them as Goldie was more broke and Faith didn't know any thing. She said she wanted Goldie witch was going to be my horse but Bonnie could afford them both as the lady wouldn't buy Faith. She took Goldie and I was heart broken. Some one rode Faith for awhile as they ran her and didn't really get much done. I was riding a horse that I out grown so I asked Bonnie if I could ride faith as I wanted a challenge. I rode her and oh my how I fell in love! She needed work because she was super spook and didn't know anything but I loved her. There where some points that I wanted to give up but I couldn't last with out her. Now she is 6 and she moves to leg cues and doesn't spook, jumps, does barrels, walks over tarps, goes in water everything! When I started riding her I went to a gymkana and we didn't qualify at all! But this year we qualified all year with out knocking anything down. I got in division 6 in 4th place! I'm so in love! And I just bought her from Bonnie!!☺️ Thanks for reading!!☺️

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