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Listed:ESP  05-02-2010  
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She was dropped off last minute and run through the ring loose. I had walked the barn numerous times and didn't see her once. No information was available for her. Auctioneer got down to $50 bucks then sent her out back. I went back later and bought her for $275.

She loaded right up and was easy to handle. Had a vet come check her out and he estimated her to be 4-5 yrs old and she was a little thin but otherwise healthy.

She was trained by a young girl and was absolutely amazing. She does everything her girl asks and they have done everything from trail riding in the mountains alone to jumping and even some non-competitive western gaming. This Mare is so incredible. She is great for anyone to ride. She was the main attraction at a 4 year old girls birthday party where numerous small children crowded her and sat on her. She has gotten more compliments than I can count and even numerous offers to buy her.

Briar is a once in a lifetime horse and it is just sad that she was dropped off at the Enumclaw sales barn.

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