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Name:Frankie, aka Unlucky from Oct '14 ESP
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After hearing that "Unlucky" was a very sweet little dun gelding, I called ESP on the very last day, thinking he would be spoken for already. But, lucky me, he was not and I got myself a 2011 QH gelding. Formerly named Colton, I renamed him to Colonel Frankie. Colonel because he stands at attention like a good little soldier, and Frankie in honor of my departed father, Frank, who always told me I should do what feeds my soul.

When Frankie arrived at Momofone's place, he was fuzzy and chubby but malnourished. His hooves looked ok at first glance, but they were very tender for several months. After several months of excellent care by Momofone, high quality food and Horseshoer's Secret, his hooves were hard and healthy.

I started riding Frankie a few months ago and he's progressing very well, considering I've only worked with him about once a week. He has a great personality and mellow disposition and will do anything for carrots/food, including breaking through fences. (To Frankie, they are merely a suggested boundary.)

When I first saw Frankie, I thought he was cute, albeit a little homely with his slim face and big barrel belly. But he's turned into quite the handsome boy. I am definitely the lucky one to have found Mr. Frankie!

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