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Owner:Allie Kohr
Listed:Other    Secret
Thread:Yakima KP's
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I got this mare a few days ago at the Sunnyside kill pen in Yakima County. She was among at least 150 others.


We had driven down the night before with our trailer, (yes, we were determined), and stayed in a hotel with a plan in mind. We hoped to come home with a horse, and hopefully the one we wanted. When I was first scrolling through the pages of the AH site, "Secret" definitely stuck out. How could such beautiful, sound, nicely bred horse wind up here? All I knew was that I wanted to meet her! We made arrangements, (thank you Sabrina!), and arrived at the kill pens in the morning. We were greeted by Don, quite an insightful and kind fellow, and he led us through all of the available horses. Of course, I spotted Secret from a mile away. She was surely a diamond in the rough. She did not want to come near us, but eventually I got her to be still enough to where I could halter her. She willingly followed me, picked up all her feet, let me see her teeth, (shes about 9 or 10), and was overall very patient with me. I was sold! I let her eat some grass for a while and then she hopped right into the trailer where two full hay nets and apples waited for her. Of course, she was very willing to take the snacks! ;) So we pulled out of the lot with our new horse, and off we went!
For one thing, she trailers quite well. She wasn't fussy, stood very still, munched down all her hay, and backed off nicely when our 5 hour journey was over. I wished I could have known her thoughts when 5 acres of grass stood before her! We brought her over to her section where she'll stay for a month while her ickies clear up, and first showed her the water. She probably drank a third of it before she was finished. So we took off her halter and let her go in her field. She ran straight for the tall grass, let out a spirited buck or two, then settled down and relaxed. We threw her some hay and grain, she LOVES grain, and she settled in quickly. I decided to re-name her "Sable". Thought it was a good name for her.
The next day she looked very good and happy, she loves her food! ;) She still needs to warm up to me and trust me, I can guarantee whoever had her in the past did not treat her well. But she's beginning to learn all I want is to feed her treats and pet her! She's very smart, and the chestnut mares are always the hardest to read!
Sable is sure a nice horse. Both my trainers think highly of her and can't wait to see her all cleaned up and in action. I'm very thankful I got such a wonderful animal to call my own. She now sits happily in my field and waiting for her new life to begin!

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