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Sunnyside kill pen. October 2013. Bay thoroughbred gelding brought in with blind Appaloosa. In the pen with all the horses with names beginning with P.


Soul Dancer or Dancer as we call him, was brought in from a field with a blind Appaloosa. We had been encouraged by Sabrina to come to Sunnyside and see for ourselves what it was like. Knowing myself too well, I made the decision to first visit in a car do that we would not be tempted to make an impulsive decision. My son was looking for a horse for his wife and my youngest daughter had decided she needed a younger horse. Her best friend and riding buddy Hope, came with us. We wormy several hours looking around. I told Missy, my daughter, to put he hands on as many as possible to see which horse, if any, felt right. Scott, my son wandered around talking on the phone to his wife. He eventually found Polar the white mustang and spent a lot of time with her. As we were leaving tiny Hope drew my attention to this sad dark bay thoroughbred with his head buried in her arms. Most of his tail was missing and he had a scar on his shoulder. He seemed very peaceful in her presence. As he was near the rail, Scott climbed up to see how he would react. He stood there expectantly. Scott leaned over and put his weight on and still just calm expectation. As Don walked by I asked without thinking about Hope standing there how much the horse was. He said very politely, Ma'am I need to have some horses to fill my shipment." Hopes eyes welled with tears and she bowed her head to his. She knew what that meant.

We said our goodbyes and headed the 4 hours home. The next day the decisions were made. Polar would come home as Scott's horse. Pardner and Petunia were purchased by some friends. Missy picked a small Paso Fino mare and her foal. Ugh! But that night after placing the holds, I could not get the thoroughbreds eyes out of my head. They were so kind and sad. I called Don and explained how much Hope cared for that horse. He allowed me to place a hold on him. When I called Hope and told her she was at school and she danced and cried. She named him Soul Dancer. He is a gentle giant and she has been working with him and riding him some. He is happiest when she is here and they are devoted to each other. Ii think he knows and is thankful that she saved his life by loving him.

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