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Owner:Monica Mason
Listed:ELA  Sept sale 2013  Buckskin gelding 14 yrs
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I went to the eugene auction in September and ended up coming home with two horses. I was originally looking for a gentle small horse for my 11 year old and I came across a buckskin guilting tied up. He had such a hollow look in his eyes and was very thin. I asked the owner if I could see him ride him in the round pen and he did it was sad to watch the man work him put of fear and the horse was very responsive but scared to do wrong, my kids begged me to get him but 800.00 was a lot for me! So I said I couldn't and went to the auction room to watch. Mean while a girl rode a 19 year old paint mare in she was skin and bones not to say and I felt bad for her I knew she would go to the kill buyer so I out bidded and got her for 240.00 Then in came the buckskin being ridden in I had such an adrenalin rush I had to bring him home so I kept bidding and the auctioneer said just give the 800.00 and he's yours so I did. They both loaded wonderfully and love their new home! I bought them each a blanket and they are putting on weight slowly tho. The buckskin Buck is slowly attaching to me and will now eat out of my hand I love them both!

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