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Owner:Tom and Jess
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'Amarillo' Sunnyside KP May 2013


We thought long and hard about purchasing an auction horse, and the week we decided to do it two horses came up listed that checked all our boxes. Well, the mare was sold before we were able to act on it, but "Amarillo" was still there. So we bought him through Sabrina, sight unseen, and through a friend of Sabrina's connected with a gal who offered to haul him to us from Eastern Washington. We named him 'Chance' since we knew we were taking a chance buying a horse we had never met! We ended up getting another mare from a rescue place on the east side as well and they both came the same day. Chance and I have worked through a few things, but being as I am a new horse person, they seemed rather small issues since I was able to work through them with him as a newbie. The biggest thing is he seems to think he is still a stallion when the mares go into heat, but by separating him for a few days in a different paddock each month, he has calmed down quiet a bit. He still gets a little vocal, but nothing like before! Also, he does not like being fly sprayed but by spraying and wiping/brushing him right behind the sprayer, he doesn't even flinch anymore. He initially was a little hard to catch when I would go out to halter him, but now he walks up to me in the pasture and stands still to get haltered up. He nickers at me whenever he sees me and we have had so much fun together getting to know each other and riding around our place. He is so awesome for the farrier, grooming and he is really solid and trustworthy. He has obviously had extensive training at some point. I'm so happy that we took a 'chance' and brought him to his forever home.

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