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Owner:Me :)
Listed:ELA  2007  Real Style
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In Fall of 2007 my Thoroughbred, now named Pip, was lead through the auction ring because she was a failed racer and a failed brood mare. A wonderful lady named Sam watched as no one, but the meat buyers bid on this gorgeous mare. When the meat buyers reached 425$ Sam couldn't see her go. She got her for $450 and brought her home to Yakima. She spent 30 days there to make sure she was healthy and ready to be re homed. November of 2007 Sam made a call to my mom because she knew we were looking for a tall horse for me and weren't having any luck. She was our first rescue, of now 8 over the last 5 years, and she has proven to be one of the most wonderful and amazing horses I have ever come across. She made me into the rider I am today and gave me the knowledge to start a career training. As of today she is teaching other young kids to ride and work with horses, as well as acting as a therapy horse, a trail horse, and a training buddy for our new rescued foal. The day I got her I could have never thought she would be the horse she is today, not with the rearing, kicking, bucking, bolting, and biting. We have learned Dressage, Jumping, and Cross Country together as well as refined our western skills and learned to rope and chase cattle. She is the definition of ALL-AROUND horse.

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