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Basic Info

Name:Oshkosh Bar Girl
Owner:Amy Smith
Listed:ELA  Nov 2012  # 40
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Oshkosh Bar Girl was sold at the Eugene livestock auction in November 300 lbs underweight and neglected


Oshkosh "Oshey" has came a very long way after battling an infection and a fracture that almost took her life. When I first brought her home she had about a 50/50 shot at surviving. We are so lucky to have that old girl with us today. She has surprised everyone because we discovered she loves kids. She now belongs to my 5 year old daughter and is they best kids horse I could have asked for. My daughter will have many more years to come with her very own horse. Thank you Auction Horses if it had not been for you putting her on Craigslist I would have never known a horse that I had loved ended up in the auction in the first place, or that she had suffered such bad neglect. Hard to believe she is the same horse.
* I added a few pics to show her progress after the auction until now*

Newest update. Oshey was shown in her very first show with my 5 year old in October 2013. It was amazing to see in just under a year she is a kids pet and healthy and happy. She makes me proud to call her our horse, and will we have her for the rest of her life. She will never go hungry again. In fact she is so spoiled rotten she thinks shes a full blown pampered show horse now.

Additional Photos