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Name:Flicker ESP April #693 Wish
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Flicker is doing great. You cannot even tell that she is the same pony. She is 30 her teeth were horrible and of course worming. She was down to 325 pounds when we taped her. Dr. Vetter at Foothills Vet in Buckley has been a truly wonderful vet and great help in getting her back to what she is 9 weeks later. This included an emergency vet call at 11:30 at night for choking I thought I was going to lose her but he assured me I wouldn't and I am telling you she is just an awesome little girl. I often think about how many kids she must have grown with and trained to be able to ride. How many she inspired to be the horse people they are today. When I think of her being in that pen so starved and sad I am so thanks ful for the people who post every month to try and help these horses and I am thankful. we must keep our eyes on the prize and keep it positive and be thankful for the ones that you have saved and for us that buy them and give them loving homes. I am very happy with the two I bought.

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