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Name:Moonlight Sonata
Listed:AH-AtRisk  February 2013  Pacifico
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This Andalusian gelding was posted getting ready to go to slaughter. We came across him and called right away.


When we got him home he was so thin. Injury to his back leg from maybe being kicked by another horse. He was at some point in his life trained in dance and dressage. We got him fed up. Have been on him a couple times. It took awhile for him to get his strength back. Now when we ride it don't take long for him to become tired. We are still waiting for his leg to finish healing and building back his stamina. When he is back in top form I will be entering him in some dressage competitions. Praying he stays sound. With all this big guy has been through, we are amazed at how sweet he is. Willing to please and forgiving of his mistreatment.

UPADTED: Sorry for lack of pictures till now. Ipad dont allow that. I have been riding him quite a bit now. We found out he don't like men. He did kick at a couple men but not really meaning to cause damage. He gets a bit stressed around other people. With me he has been fine. I'm riding dressage on him and have taken him on trails. Hoping next year he'll be ready to do some competing in lower level dressage. Lower level for now.

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