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Owner:Betsi Stich
Listed:Other    Raggedy Anne
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Taken with a large group of horses and goats in Centralia, Wa. about 8 weeks ago


Annie was one of the last to be adopted from the group. Being older and possibly pregnant she wasn't one of the first choice picks :) My daughter and I had seen this rescue on the news and were following the auction posts every day, Annie just seemed so sweet and sad that we knew we had to give her some love and happiness! We had no history on her at all, most of the horses were not even halter broke, she had horrible feet, no hair on her legs from the knees down, extreme rain rot, and her bones were sticking right out of her she was so skinny. She had been covered in mud for so long that it was like cement all over her, including her tail. She was very friendly right from the start, she loves attention! She loves to be groomed and hasn't tried to kick or bite once, even when she had her feet trimmed (though she had NO idea what the farrier was doing and had to learn how to stand on three legs and let him hold her feet) Wev'e had her about 6 weeks now and she's put on weight, looks beautiful, halters and leads nicely and is progressing very well! She's very smart and learns quickly. We love her so much! A lot of hard work and LOTS of cowboy magic products and she's BEAUTIFUL! Wer'e so happy we have her :)

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