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Name:Sheza Sassy Dreamer (Sonya!)
Listed:ELA  August 2012  Sheza Sassy Dreamer #72
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As a show horse Sonya has 286 points with the ApHC, and was Reserve World halter champion in 1994. Sonya became a brood mare, and produced some world class babies. Not to long ago her owner sold her to a family that she thought would keep her for a long time. It is unknown as to why they took her up to the Eugene Auction.


Sheza Sassy Dreamer (#72), now affectionately called Sonya, is a 21 year old Appaloosa mare. She came from the Eugene Auction kill pen in August of 2012. Interestingly enough I have owned a son of hers and three of her cousins, all incredible horses! I had met her in the past, so I knew she had to come home with our family! She is doing wonderfully, quite the piggy though! ;) She's a killer showmanship horse, and is great to ride. It doesn't matter if I ride her bareback with a halter, or with a saddle and bridle she is just awesome. She has absolutely zero vices and is very sweet, although she can be a little mischievous! ;)

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