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Owner:Cindy Chase
Listed:ESP  February 2011  Grey Qtr Type Mare
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Drop off straight into the kill pen. No name and no history.


Grace was rescued out of the Enumclaw Sales Pavilion kill pen just hours before she was going to be shipped to slaughter. We were able to raise $500 bail through a "coordinated purchases" program in just a couple of hours to save her. Friends, acquaintances, and people I didn't even know contributed to save her.

She came with no name and no history. I loved her from the minute I set eyes on her; she looked exactly like the pony I had as a little girl in 4-H. We brought her home and named her Grace (from a suggestion of naming her Amazing Grace because she was the last one standing in the kill pen). She rushed to get out of "jail" and hopped right in the trailer. I was worried how she would fit in with my herd of three geldings, but she fit right in and they adore her.

Grace was in pretty good shape when we got her. She was pretty dirty but looked healthy, was in good weight, her feet weren't bad, and she had the sweetest big, dark eyes. Grace is the most wonderful horse I own. I have had 3 year olds and big men ride her, complete novices and experienced horsemen. While trail riding, she goes over bridges, through water, over logs, and doesn't spook at anything. If the horse in front won't go somewhere, we have Grace come up front and lead them through. There has been nothing wrong with her since I've had her for 1-1/2 years. She's an easy keeper, has nice hard feet, and actually likes to be clipped. She'll follow you around for hugs and sticks her nose under the brush when you are brushing another horse. I don't know why somebody threw her away like that; they didn't even give her a chance by running her through the auction, just dumped her straight into the kill pen. However, I'm glad they did because she has the sweetest temperament and I wouldn't trade her for the world.

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