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Owner:Brian & Laura
Listed:ESP  April 2012  554/Lady
Thread:Success stories
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KP April Quarter Pony Mare


Lady was one of the last horses still in the KP in April. We purchased her over the phone and picked her up on Easter Sunday morning. They say she was 6, but she is more like 16. "Lady Bug" as we affectionately nicknamed her, has a wonderful forever home now with her very own box stall, paddock and pasture turn out. Lady also has 3 other horse "friends", but she isn't particularly fond of any of them, but she does tolerate our Arab gelding, Skippy.

When we first got Lady home, I was afraid she would have to be euthanized, as she was lame in her near front from an old coronet band laceration which left her with a deformed hoof. She was also badly in need of a trim,wormy and obviously in need of good nutrition. So we set about getting her feet trimmed and correcting her parasite and nutritional problems; supplementing her feed with a hoof supplement and a natural pain relief formula. After a few weeks her hooves were healthy enough for shoes, and with that she trotted out sound and has remained so ever since!

Lady loves the trails and loves to be on the go. She is a smart, savvy little gal with an attitude!

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