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Listed:ESP  July 2012  107
Thread:ESP Horses AH
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She was at the ESP kill pen 2 weeks ago. A wonderful person from Fleet of Angels Network brought her to her new home in Eugene, OR. I am real lucky! She is a super sweet horse with great ground manners! I would love to know more about her training and what kind of horse she is, (most of us are guessing quarter pony) but one thing's for sure, she has the potential to be a fun western pleasure horse.


I've been wanting a horse a long time, but just did not have the right situation to own a horse. I intended to go to a local auction or buy a horse off of CL, but I just fell in love with this girl at first sight. The videos and description people posted on AH, were very accurate. She is SO sweet! I can't believe she would end up at ESP.
Anyway, she arrived at her new home, July 30th, so not that long ago. She has adjusted to everything like a champ! She has had all her vaccines, dewormer, vet exam, float, mineral supplements, and real important: got her trim! She loves her new home and has already made friends with the 2 mini burros on the other side of the fence, Jordan and Rio. She is very social and loves to eat clover and carrots. The boarding stable is 10 minutes from my house, so I go over there everyday. In a couple of weeks, we'll both start our training. Right now it's all about bonding and friendship. She is a loving and affectionate horse with a PERFECT bill of health. Everyone should be as lucky as me! I will try to post some pictures. The main photo is right after she was removed from the ESP lot. This was taken by the special person who picked her up,
boarded her and gave her vacc.s, too. The 2 other photos are from the day she arrived at the stable and on Thurs. of the same week with her new fly mask.

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