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Name:Eeeaster Elegance
Owner:Tara Lovre
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Ellie is a 22 year old purebred arabian mare registered as Eeeaster Elegance. She is by JJ Saber (RHR Scimitar) and out of a mare by Statuss. She is a futurity money earning halter horse. She is rumored to have made tens of thousands in futurity money, and to have sold for $20k at one time in her life. As a youngster she fractured her leg after going to be broke and had surgery to "install" a plate and screws. She spent a year at a premier CA thoroughbred facility recovering.
Then went on to be re-started as a dressage mount. Came up lame and was retired to be a broodmare. She had one foal by Magic Dream as a 6 year old. Owner was unable to settle her in foal again so she became a little girls 4-H showmanship horse. She began exhibiting some minorly aggressive behaviors and thinking someone might be able to live cover her and get her in foal she was traded to a breeder for a more suitable show horse. Breeder was unable to get her in foal and it was discovered she had a cyst or tumor on one ovary that was quite large. From there she was bounced from home to home, and alternately found to be lame so she was sold as a broodmare, then found to be unbreedable so sold as a riding horse and so on and so forth. Was rescued from several different homes along the way, only to end up in bad situations again. Supposedly found starved and lame at least twice before:( Reportedly settled in foal at one point but lost it when run through a fence with a herd by a cougar. She bears a scar on her right front knee from that. Someone gave her to someone who thought she might be breedable still and promised to give her a good home and instead she somehow ended up at an auction up north (Everson?) and picked up by a young kid. Spent a couple weeks with him, showed up at Enumclaw skinny, dirty and in rough shape.Ellie, of course, landed in the killpen. I bought her (with help of many friends!) sight unseen and spent the next year re-habbing her. She is now fat, and an easy keeper, very sweet and very much a one person horse. She is currently looking for a lovely older couple or younger person to retire with, as I do not have my own place to keep her and am having to pay board on her, if anyone is looking for a lovely pasture ornament:)

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