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Listed:AH-Rehoming  2011  
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Destiny was listed on the AH board for rehoming. She had a club hoof and the owner felt she could not give Destiny what she needed. When she was originally posted , I contacted several people and asked if her club hoof would be something that could be"fixed" and gathered information. I responded and said I was interested and then I was told that the original owners friend was going to take her. I will be honest I was pretty upset, I had done so much to prepare. A few months passed and I was contacted by the "poster" and she asked if I was still interested in Destiny and of course I was. We went to see her and check out her hoof, they did reference checks and site check and a week later she was home.

I took Destiny for x-rays shortly after bringing her home and the x-rays showed that she has a rotated coffin bone with the tip missing. We have worked to improve this hoof ( thank you Ute (Naturhuf) and has responded nicely. Destiny is doing very well, although not 100 percent she has improved tremendously and continues to improve.

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