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Owner:Heather Haynes
Listed:ESP  June 2011  #671
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We bought Toby from the June 2011 pen to keep my mare company and as a horse for my husband to ride. We were told he tried rearing up during the sale but seemed ok in the pens out back. (671 - $100 K - 9yr Dark Bay Appendix? Gelding. Tall, pretty, good shape, scared, "arena horse".) I showed pictures of the various horses in the KP to my husband and this was the one he liked. I paid for him over the phone and then a friend and I drove down to get him and as it turned out, #668. Toby was happy to load into the smaller, straight load trailer wheras #668 took some convincing (he lives with my friend). Toby was a little under weight when we brought him home but otherwise in good health and being that there was no history on him at all, we held him in quaruntine for 30 days before sending him to our trainers. Other than one huge buck, and wanting to "go" in the arena, he is an awesome horse who agrees with my husband very well.

I have since sold my mare and bought another rescue (long story there but turned out I am close friends with his breeder) and Toby remains to be an incredible riding horse. He is still very hot in the arena and our trainers plus those who've met him think he was a former reiner and only taught to "go" once he entered the arena gates. Out on trails he is the complete opposite and needs a lot of persuasion to keep moving but not spooky and very sure footed. He is easy to keep (getting fat now on pasture) and catch as well as doing great with our sheep, various dogs and of course my gelding. We can only guess that he was "too much horse" for whoever had him before but with patience, he is quite the enjoyable ride.

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