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Listed:ESP  4/1/2012  571
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I purchased River from the April 2012 Enumclaw auction where she was run through as #571. River has been to the auction at least four times in the last year, but there was most likely a fifth time. She originally came in with the group of ponies in April 2011 that had such terrible elfish feet that a power saw was used to cut their feet prior to them being allowed into the auction. From what I have been able to piece together, it appears that those horses came from a pony ride / petting zoo / pumpkin patch type place in Enumclaw called Happy Time Farm. She was led through the ring that first time as well as this last time, but in all her trips to the auction in between she was ridden and according to the auction reports rode well in the ring, even though she was given the sad name of Ugly Betty.


River is a 20 year old black Shetland pony. When I got her at the auction she was a skinny, scruffy, mess with horrible hooves. I had no idea what her history was or if she would fully recover. Well, a few months of feed, hoof care, and dental care later River has blossomed into a normal pony. She is very timid with adults, but always tries her best to please even though she acts like she expects to be hit. With children, however, she is much more relaxed. Still, I had very little idea of what to expect from River as far as a riding pony - I didn't know if she was broke, or even if she was, when the last time she was really ridden was. Well, it turns out that River is a great little riding pony! She is now being loved on and ridden by an 8 year old girl and neither of them could be happier!

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