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Red - 20 Chestnut Appendix QH Gelding

Basic Info

Number:#  Red
Price: $200   
StatusSold on 9/9/2018
Date Available9/6/2018 to 9/13/2018
Age/Color/Gender20 Years(Approx)  /  Chestnut  /  Gelding
Breed(s)Appendix QH  
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Red is a handsome gelding that should shine again in no time with good care. I can honestly say I believe this is a wonderful horse who has had a rough time recently. He looks like he was once well taken care of, and his teeth and hooves appeared to be in good condition from what I could see. I am no expert by any means, but to me it felt like he had had a dental in the last few years and his teeth did not appear to me to be the issue with him not holding weight. He did not seem to have any issue with eating hay or the grass I gave him, and there was no apparent quidding. Red behaved like a gentleman who knew groundwork and manners, and I would guess him to be broke, especially being a gelding at his age. I loved visiting with this horse. He soaked up attention and had such a forgiving kindness about him. He is said to be a Quarter Horse, but looks to me to be more of a TB running bred type so he is listed as an Appendix. He was surrendered as abandoned to the sales barn with a short note that did say he was about 20 and he had been recently vaccinated and wormed. They did not give his name so he is listed here as "Red." Red stands approx 15'2-3hh and will need weight and some TLC. His skin needs to be treated and he appears to have blanket sores at the end of summer where his skin has been rubbed off, His stomach appears to me to have a fungal issue and the sores on his back are healing but should be treated.He has many misc. sores all over his body and what looks to be an itchy groin area as well. I did not see any visible soundness issues at a walk or light trot. He needs rehab, but in my opinion, he should not be a longterm patient and recover fairly quickly with good nutrition and care. In his note it said he is allergic to alfalfa. Red comes right up to you and picked up his feet for me with just a reach for them. He seems eager to please and very gentle and kind. I am hoping he gets the best home as he is truly a special horse.

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