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Untied - #513/514 - Liver Chestnut Quarter Horse Type Mare+Foal

Basic Info

Number:#513/514  Untied
Price: $500   
StatusSold on 12/18/2017
Date Available12/3/2017 to 12/18/2017
Age/Color/Gender0 Years  /  Liver Chestnut  /  Mare+Foal
Breed(s)Quarter Horse Type  
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Untied and Filly(513 and 514) are ran through the ring loose. The mare is underweight and her feet are way past due for a trim, but in fairly decent condition suggesting she may have been trimmed at one time. It is unknown if she is halter broke, she is cautious of people but does not seem wild. She is very protective of her foal and while she did not do anything aggressive, I think she might protect her baby if she felt there was a threat. They are sold as a pair. When I went to go see them the day after auction they seemed more relaxed and curious. I had no issue being around them and they did not appear to be bothered with me in the pen, just kept a watchful eye. Three are no extensions on this group and their deadline is 12/18/17 noon.

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