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Smartypants - #452 - 10 Chestnut Saddlebred Gelding

Basic Info

Number:#452  Smartypants
Price: $500   
StatusSold on 11/20/2017Marilyn
Date Available11/7/2017 to 11/20/2017
Age/Color/Gender10 Years(Range)  /  Chestnut  /  Gelding
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I can't say enough good things about Smartypants. He is well behaved on the ground, very easy to catch and lead, and behaved like a perfect gentleman for me. I don't have any auction info on him at this time, and do not know if he was ridden through, but he does tolerate weight and appears to have saddle marks. He picks up his feet easily and as you can see from the photos, he appears to have had recent abscesses, but did not appear to have any lameness issues that I could see, even on concrete. We are guessing he is a Saddlebred, but that is just a guess, as I don't have any previous history on him. I suspect he was a mountain horse and could have just finished a hunting trip. He behaves like a horse that has worked, either as a pack horse, riding horse, or both. I'll update his listing with any information if I get it, but this is just based on my observations of him and nothing else. He stands approx 15'2hh and has a nice kind eye and gentle disposition. He's quite the loveable goof that anyone could easily fall in love with. He is definitely worth looking at and bringing home. He's very kind and seems smart-minded, as well as completely adorable! There are teeth photos provided for your judgment, but we are guessing him to be in the 10-12 year age range.

Additional Photos