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Orpheus - 8 Chestnut/White Paint Gelding

Basic Info

Number:#  Orpheus
Price: $500   
StatusSold on 11/5/2017Gwen
Date Available8/15/2017 to 8/18/2017
Age/Color/Gender8 Years(Approx)  /  Chestnut/White  /  Gelding
Broke?Yes   Led thru the auction
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***Important Update*** Orpheus is not sound. I'm not a vet, so can't give a diagnosis but I would be interested in seeing x-rays of his right front and both hind feet, and possibly his pelvis. He stands in soft footing, almost on his hind toes and has a bulge/ridge on the coronary band of his right front. Orpheus was led through the Everson auction yesterday. He is said to be an 8 year old APHA gelding but does not have his papers so is selling as grade. He stands about 15.3 hands and weighs about 1100lbs. He is said to be green broke to ride, and I should know more about that after his evaluation. I was not able to attend the auction, so have not seen him in person. The information I have came from a Craigslist ad, which I don't have a copy of. *UPDATE* This is a sweetheart of a horse! He came right up to me in the pasture, and handled fairly well on lead. He walked forward fine, and stopped more or less when I did. He needed some encouragement to back up, but he did it. I also put a shawl on his head to see how he would react and while he wasn't a huge fan of it, all he did was try to shake it off. Then when I dropped it on the ground he picked it up in his teeth and played with it. He wasn't pushy, except for when I scratched his forehead (it was itchy) and was respectful of my space. There were cars coming and going in the driveway, and he was a bit worried about that. He didn't really want to/couldn't focus on me while that was going on, so we just stood for a few minutes and he was fine. I would say that while he has potential, he's not a kid or beginner safe riding horse right now. I put him on the longe line and he definitely knows how to longe - I tried to get a video, but the sun reflected off of my phone and scared him. He has an amazing extended trot (would look great in English tack, just saying) and he seems sound at the walk and trot. The footing in the pasture wasn't great, so I didn't ask for a canter. As far as physical attributes he stands about 15.2-15.3 hands and has a very nice, solid build. He has pretty brown eyes, though the right eye has a bit of blue in it - I don't know if that's just the color, an old injury, or what, but it doesn't seem to bother him. To summarize, this is a gorgeous horse with a really nice personality who really should not be where he is. With some training he should be able to do just about anything.

Purchasing Information

Location: Everson, WA
(About 100 miles north of Seattle)
Deadline: August 18, 2017
Contact: Dani - (360) 927-2653 (text preferred)

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