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Ida - #018 - 24 Chestnut Quarter Horse Mare

Basic Info

Number:#018  Ida
Type:Auction  (Eugene-11/11/2012)
Price: $200   
StatusSold on 11/17/2012
Date Available11/12/2012 to 11/17/2012
Age/Color/Gender24 Years(Approx)  /  Chestnut  /  Mare
Breed(s)Quarter Horse  
Broke?Yes   Led thru the auction
More Info:http://auctionhorses.net/index.cgi?board=oldkpela&action=display&thread=7520
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This chestnut mare is said to be 24 years old and appears to be of Quarter Horse type. She stands about 15hh and was reported to be a kids horse who was being ridden by the owner's young daughter. This mare is in poor shape. She is skinny, looks to be a bit clubby on both her right feet, has a big right knee, a lump on the left side of her neck, and an eye infection in her right eye. All that being said, she moved much sounder then I expected and I would not be at all surprised if she was fine for light riding (after a bit of rehab). This mare did absolutely everything that I asked of her, but she was a bit stubborn and pushy about it. She did know everything I wanted and did it in good form when firmly requested. She leads, backs, ties, picks up her feet, yields her quarters, and generally just allows herself to be messed with.

This mare is a bit of a special situation. She was not bought by anyone (not even the kill buyers wanted her) during the auction, but she is kinda on consignment now. She will be allowed to stay at the auction yard and be homed right along with the other horses if someone wants to buy her. However, at the end of the other horses' time, if she has not been bought, her owners will have to come back and pick her up. This is not something that they can really do. They have obviously been having a very hard time taking care of her and really needed her to find a home at the auction... unfortunately she did not. She is being offered this unique chance to find a new home, which she very desperately needs and I really hope that our network can find her one.

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