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Isis - #032 - 6 Gray Arabian Mare

Basic Info

Number:#032  Isis
Type:Auction  (Eugene-11/11/2012)
Price: $400   
StatusSold on 11/14/2012Kimberly
Date Available11/12/2012 to 11/14/2012
Age/Color/Gender6 Years  /  Gray  /  Mare
Broke?Yes   Led thru the auction
More Info:http://auctionhorses.net/index.cgi?board=oldkpela&action=display&thread=7513
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This gray mare was stated to be a 6 year old Arabian. She stands about 15hh and has a very nice build. She was not ridden at the auction but she was said to be ridden English and Western, used by kids, and started in jumping. She has good manners and is easy to handle. She does everything we asked her to do nicely, including but not limited to: leading, backing, standing tied, picking up feet, yielding shoulders and hindquarters. This mare is in good condition and had nothing wrong with her that I could see - heck she was even well groomed with show sheen. This is a very attractive and classy looking mare. She is also extremely friendly, curious and easy to catch even amongst a chaotic herd (where she minds her own business).

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