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Devlin - #019 - 10 Bay Rabicano Mustang Gelding

Basic Info

Number:#019  Devlin
Type:Auction  (Eugene-8/12/2012)
Price: $300   
StatusSold on 8/15/2012Jennifer
Date Available8/13/2012 to 8/15/2012
Age/Color/Gender10 Years  /  Bay Rabicano  /  Gelding
RegistrationRegistered as "#02016970" with BLM - Papers Available

Broke?Yes   Led thru the auction
More Info:http://auctionhorses.net/index.cgi?board=oldkpela&action=display&thread=6092
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Devlin is a branded BLM mustang who's color I can only think to describe as bay rabicano. This guy was easy to handle and pretty friendly. He picks up his feet well but is way past due for trim. He is 14.0hh but well built and should be able to easily carry an average size rider. His code says he is 2002, out of Oregon. He is a good weight and aside from a skinned nose and an odd cut(?) in his gum, he appeared in good health. He was led through the auction, but it was said that he was green broke.

Additional Photos