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Deville - #004 - 15 Dark Bay Roan Quarter Horse Mare

Basic Info

Number:#004  Deville
Type:Auction  (Eugene-8/12/2012)
Price: $250   
StatusSold on 8/16/2012Chelsea
Date Available8/13/2012 to 8/16/2012
Age/Color/Gender15 Years  /  Dark Bay Roan  /  Mare
Breed(s)Quarter Horse  
Broke?Yes   Led thru the auction
More Info:http://auctionhorses.net/index.cgi?board=oldkpela&action=display&thread=6097
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This mare stands between 13.3 and 14.0hh. She is supposed to be 15 years old. She is built like an old style QH and has nice movement. I do have a video of her trotting all around that I will post later. She was sometimes hard to catch but seemed to warm up pretty quickly. She was easy to handle, stands quietly, ties, picks up her feet and allows folks to mount her without qualm. She has bit marks in the sides of her mouth and does brace herself for you to mount up. She has bad feet, healing wounds to the back of her hind heels, and some sort of sore on her rear. Although she was fine with people, she was NOT fine with other horses and repeatedly went after them kicking - especially the show mares for some reason.

Additional Photos