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Candy - #132 - 10 Chestnut Arabian Mare

Basic Info

Number:#132  Candy
Price: $400   
StatusSold on 8/10/2012Andrea
Date Available8/7/2012 to 8/10/2012
Age/Color/Gender10 Years  /  Chestnut  /  Mare
More Info:
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This chestnut Arabian mare was a drop off with very little information. Candy came up to greet us as soon as we arrived. She is very friendly, affectionate, calm, willing, well mannered and not spooky. I would guess her to stand about 15.1hh and if we had not been told that she was an Arab, I would have named her a Saddlebred. I looked at her teeth and I would say she is around 10 years old, but a teeth photo has been provided so that you can judge it for yourself. She was super easy to halter and handle. She leads, backs, turns, ties, and yields her hind quarters. She is very good about picking up her feet and letting you mess with them. Her feet are overdue, but do give the impression that they have been cared for previously... photos provided. She is heavy and may be pregnant since she was running with the Arab stud, but to me she looks like she has been a maiden mare prior to this... photo provided. She has wear marks on her back that at first I thought were saddle marks, but later I thought maybe blanket marks because she has some towards her tail too... photos provided. She has white in her coat and her mane/tail as well. She is sound at the walk and at the trot (I didn't observe a canter but see no reason to expect she wouldn't be sound there too), and she knows how to lounge. I stood at her side, jumped alongside her and put weight on her back; she acted like it was an every day occurrence and in fact squared up a bit for it. I tied the lead rope to either side of her halter and with my arm held over her back used the rope like reins; she responded to the pressure and cues. There was a bad fly bothering her and I smacked it, which meant that I smacked her too; she didn't even flinch, let alone spook.

Additional Photos