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Bell - #109 - 19 Palomino / White Paint Mare

Basic Info

Number:#109  Bell
Price: $400   
StatusSold on 7/23/2012Karen
Date Available7/20/2012 to 7/23/2012
Age/Color/Gender19 Years(Approx)  /  Palomino / White  /  Mare
RegistrationRegistered as "Accentuous" with APHA - Papers Available

More Info:http://auctionhorses.net/index.cgi?board=oldkp&action=display&thread=5198
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This palomino and white paint mare was a drop off and so limited information is known. She is said to be pregnant and to have been running with a registered Haflinger stallion since February. This mare stands at about 15hh. She is not in good condition. This mare's feet are terrible, she has a crippled front left knee, she is skinny, has old scars reminiscent of barb wire, and is obviously in pain. Although this mare is in very bad condition now, it is obvious that at one time she was a quality mare. She is very polite, gentle and tried hard to do what we were asking of her even though offering me her foot nearly made her lose her balance. After posting this mare a past person has come forwarded and identified her and has offered on the forum to forward a copy of her papers to a new owner.

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