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- #500 - Bay Arabian Mare

Basic Info

Price: $400   
StatusSold on 7/3/2012Ute
Date Available6/29/2012 to 7/3/2012
Age/Color/Gender0 Years  /  Bay  /  Mare
More Info:http://auctionhorses.net/index.cgi?board=oldkp&action=display&thread=5189
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This bay Arabian mare was a drop off with only the verbal history that she had been bred back. She stands about 14.2hh and appears to be in decent weight. She is friendly, easy to handle, picks up her feet, stands for the farrier and appears to just be an over-all good girl. She does, however, have some serious problems going on with her feet. She appears to be currently foundered in at least one of her feet. She was extremely far past when she should last be trimmed and seems to be in pain. She has now been trimmed and the barefoot trimmer who says that: "I padded # 500 in the fronts to make her more comfortable. It helped a bit, but she is still rather sore - she most likely foundered and is still rather laminitic, but at least now her hoof form is better balanced and won't cause insult to injury when she moves. The tall walls already allowed her internal structures to sink through the hoof capsule - the front half of her sole is quite prominent because of this, especially on the higher heeled right front."

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