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- #557 - Chestnut Arabian Stallion

Basic Info

Price: $250   
StatusSold on 5/14/2012
Date Available5/10/2012 to 5/14/2012
Age/Color/Gender0 Years  /  Chestnut  /  Stallion
More Info:http://auctionhorses.net/index.cgi?board=oldkp&action=display&thread=4353
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This stallion is reportedly broke to ride however there are no guarantees. He is older but I do not have an age. This guy is a sweetheart! Quiet, gentle, not at all spooky and just a total love bug. He dropped his nose for the halter, lead quietly, stopped when I asked, but his backing is a bit sticky. He was not wanting to pick up his feet but he did eventually, although he didn't hold it for long. He was not mean about it, just stood there and slept while I was asking. He has marks on his face that looks like he had a halter on too long, and his left rear fetlock looks a little funny to me. It was hard to tell how he was walking as the ground was lumpy, but he seemed to move ok. He is a great boy! I would guess around 14.2, although I did not have a height tape with me. I also want to add that there were two mares penned right next to him, and he never once called for them or acted studly at all, even when one came over to the fence for a scratch. He is a very well mannered boy.

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