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Auction Report - ESP (2/3/2013)

ID Price Ring Info Condition Desc
801 $200 RiddenPoor16yr Gray Quarter Horse Arabian Mare - Said easy riding trail horse, little thin but ok.
802 $30 KBLedGood2yr Palomino Mustang Gelding - Said late teens, beginner safe, trails, very calm, rode really well, bad eyes.
803 $100 KBRiddenAverage26yr Bay Peruvian Paso Gelding - Said not broke, nice looking.
804 $50 LedPoor5yr Bay Thoroughbred OTTB Stallion - Said probably PG. Shetland sized.
805 $100 KBRiddenAverage13yr Chestnut Thoroughbred Gelding - Said rides, drives & kids. Rode fast and very well.
806 $75 KBRiddenAverage5yr Bay Thoroughbred Mare - Said throws himself down when saddled.
807 $700 RiddenGood4yr Buckskin / White Paint (Reg) Gelding - Said to be broke for hunting and trails, rude, herdbound.
808 $200 KBLedGood10yr Bay Arabian (Reg) Gelding - Said to be broke, calm, pretty, solid, off.
809 $350 NSRiddenGoodChestnut Quarter Pony (Reg) Mare - Said to be broke.
811 $225 LedAverageChestnut  Mare - Said to be gaited, trails, hot, said broke.
812 $150 KBLedAverage20yr Gray Welsh Arabian Mare - Said to be greenbroke and rude, walks over you
813 $110 KBLedAverage20yr Chestnut Welsh Arabian Mare - Said to be kids pony. Friendly and well behaved.
814 $165 LooseAverage3yr Black / White Pony Stallion - Said to be kid's pony. Friendly and well behaved.
816 $140 KBLedAverage4yr Chestnut / White Pinto Mare - Said trails, ranch, bad feet, very pretty, huge.
815 $80 KBLooseAverageBuckskin  Stallion - Said very broke but will buck if aggravated, penning, trails, calm.
819 $100 KBLedPoorDark Bay Thoroughbred - Said very broke, trails, oceans, old roper.
820 $100 KBLedPoorBay Thoroughbred - Sammy Jo
822 $0 NSLedAverageWhite / Chestnut  - Says broke to ride but led through. friendly, a little nervous, fat
821 $175 KBRiddenAverage17yr Leopard Appaloosa Gelding - Says broke but led through, packs, calm, friendly, bad feet
817 $100 KBLedPoorDark Bay Thoroughbred Mare - Says broke but led through, trails, cattle, calm, good condition
818 $200 KBLedAverageChestnut Thoroughbred Mare - Says 17+hh. Eng/West/Trails. Rode good, friendly.
No Saled2

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